Ahmed's Clock

Ahmed's Clock

This week the news and internet exploded over the controversial arrest of a 14 year old boy. His crime was bringing a digital clock to school to show his teacher. His teacher, believing that Ahmed Mohamed had created a bomb, responded by calling the police.

The outrage over the response to the young inventor reverberated around the web.

Ahmed talked to news outlets about how scared he felt during the arrest. He also expressed how sad he was that his teacher took his invention as a threat to her. Although the police knew that the clock was not a bomb, they arrested him anyway. Wired has a picture of the hoax bomb clock if you are interested.

Ahmed's school in Irving Texas says that it is proud of the teacher that called the police. Sarah Palin has also asserted that Ahmed was asking for it when he brought the clock to school. Ahmed and his family have decided that he will not be returning back to his high school.

The silver lining is the show of support that many have sent the young teen. Social Media spawned #IStandWithAhmed hashtags and defended his intellect and ambition. He has received invitations to visit NASA, MIT, praise from Mark Zuckerberg and an invite to the White House from the President. Many engineers and scientists also showed support by remarking on how they had done the same things when they were young, but weren't sure if they would be where they are now had they been arrested like Ahmed.

In a time that America is trying to push science, technology, engineering and math it seems antithetical to arrest kids who make inventions that they show to their teacher. Let's hope that Ahmed is not discouraged and continues to be inspired to invent.

Article via: UpWorthy, Photo via: Makezine.com