From Facebook to the White House

From Facebook to the White House

Josh Miller's story has some aspects of the modern tech entrepreneur creation myth. Boy creates company, boy drops out of college, boy sells company and becomes wealthy. In this case the company was branch, a company where curated groups of people are invited to engage around a topic.

After spending some time at Facebook, Josh is ready for a change. But what's next for Josh is where the story gets interesting. Instead of starting the next big thing, or even becoming an investor, he is moving into public service. His next big role will be Director of Product for none other than the White House.

So what does it mean to have a technologist working for the White House? The Obama Administration is one of the first to actively leverage technology as part of their strategy to reach the public. Josh is hoping to create a future where Americans can engage more with their government, instead of the one way conversation we have now.

Miller hopes to be able to help people see different perspectives, and to help them engage effectively. That is a tall order and high expectations from our current version of government. Maybe we just need a little technology to get us there.

Article via TechCrunch, 1 September 2015, Photo via