Why is Donald Trump leading?

Why is Donald Trump leading?

The question of how Donald Trump went from an outlandish suggestion to leading the republican candidates is one that just cannot seem to go away. He is loud, brash, rude and frankly often wrong...and yet he continues to lead in the poles. Why? This article takes a deeper look at Trump to try to answer that question.

It seems that even the skeptics that go in with their guard up can walk out of a Trump event a believer. There are statements like "I heard echoes of Ronald Reagan...", complemented by Trumps own throwback-to-Reagan style that drive the point home. Mostly it seems, Trumps ascendance on that political stage is a response to the sheer frustration that so many Americans are fed up with.

Trump is doing all the right things in order to win the nomination, and possibly the presidency. There isn't even concerns that he is just playing to his audience like he has in so many other parts of his career. In fact it appears that Donald Trump's push against what he calls "illegals" is what is getting him the most support.

From mainstream Republicans, to Tea Party members, to White Nationalists...they support Trump's message. They believe that illegal immigrants are taking their jobs, and that Trump is the only candidate willing to say it. This comes at a price, and that is engaging a part of the electorate that is anti-multiculturalism, anti-integration and scared of the day when non-hispanic whites are a minority.

Is this what it takes to win a presidency now? Only time will tell. A year from now will we look back and wonder what were we doing, or will we be studying Trump's ambitious rise in American politics.

Article via The NewYorker, 31 August 2015