The Internet of Things Hierarchy of Needs

The Internet of Things Hierarchy of Needs

The Internet of things or IOT, is a phrase that has become prevalent in our discussion of the nest step in technology. This article looks at these "things" as items that we should be talking about like people. And Like people, these things would also have a hierarchy of needs that would show the rational progression of their complexity.

This begs the question... what is it that makes us people? If things that can be connected to the internet can start to "behave" and "think" like people then where is the line? At first glance this may seem to be absurd, but upon further inspection the concept may not be so far fetched. The leap connected things to artificial intelligence seems to be small.

And yet, there may be reason to question why we are so keen to assume that artificial intelligence is the enemy. It has been widely noted that Silicon Valley heavy weights like Elon Musk think that artificial intelligence could have unintended consequences that could not go our way.

Although it is more likely that our fear of artificial intelligence is more rooted in our fear of the unknown. When we don't know what is coming we tend to expect the worst. But as Intel's Genevieve Bell has discussed, in the absence of knowledge of the future we are incentivized to find new pleasures, and new ways to be delighted.

This may be what is happening with the Internet of things. It could be our human attempt at bringing surprise and delight into our lives. Whether these things will be more human like in their needs, are if they will be machines waiting to strike is still up for debate.

I would wager that the internet of things will be less of the rise of the machines and more about bringing a human touch to a mechanized world.

Article via TechCrunch, 5 September 2015